Project Description

Graphics and illustrations for craft beer branding designed for promotion of various craft beers. Characters and a background story are created for each beer, which is then adapted to posters, various marketing materials and sometimes even animations and packaging.

Nova Runda TTT - Craft Beer Design Illustration

Hoppy Humulus Thunderstorm

Fasten your seatbelts and start the engine. There’s a bumpy ride ahead. A twister is heading your way, and you better be prepared.

Nova Runda - Urban Jungle - Beer Branding Design

West Coast Jungle Hoppy Blast

Jungle is one mean place to be. All kinds of dangerous nasty animals and gang wars are just around the corne… errr… tree? Anyway, be smart.

Nova Runda - Your Mama Don't Dance - RNR Themed Beer Design

Good Old R’n’R Spirit

Your mama don’t dance, but who’s stoping you? Buy the ticket, sneak out at night, you know you need some rock ‘n’ roll in your life.

Nova Runda – Hladovina – Craft beer branding illustration

Hommage to Alan Ford Comics

In this episode we are following story of a craft obsessed kleptomaniac seagull that spends his summer stealing beer on a beach for poor people.

Nova Runda and Piwne Podziemie – Brutislav – Craft beer branding illustration Soviet propaganda style poster

Influenced by Soviet Propaganda

Brutislav is bastard child of Nova Runda and Piwne Podziemie, long waited Messiah. Not the one that we want or need, but the one we deserve.

Beer Yard 3 – Craft beer festival branding design photo manipulation steampunk

Beardest Beer Festival in Zagreb

Third year in a row place with the most beer geeks in one place in Zagreb. Great food and music also on the tap.


While designing some of those I filmed process and created SpeedArt videos. You can check them on page with a Motion graphics and animations or on my YouTube page

Weblica steampunk craft beer illustration

Beer Design for Tech Conference

Steampunk themed design which found its inspiration in “Tiblica” – traditional meat preserving pot which is also used in conference logo.

Nova Runda - Brale - Craft beer branding illustration

Craft Beer That You Love or Hate

Can you make the design opposite of usual beer marketing? Let it be ugly, so that people will order it just to see why is it like that.

Nova Runda - DA IPA - Craft beer branding illustration Juicy summer design

Juicy Summer Party Beer

Take your crew, get in a van and let’s hit the road. This juicy summer beer is created with camps and festivals in mind.

Nova Runda and Lobik – Beginning – Craft beer branding illustration Retro comic book style

Inspired With Retro Comic Covers

At Last, find out!!! Can the combined powers of Brotherhood of Hops defeat the sinister spells of commercial breweries?

Nova Runda - F5 Refresh - Craft beer branding design html code

F5 – Sit Down and Refresh Yourself

What you get when you involve a web conference, twitter community and geeks at the brewery? The geekiest beer out there!!!

Nova Runda -Tropical Yeti - Craft beer branding illustration

How Will We Keep The Beer Cold?

We arrived for the vacation. Unfortunately, snowman had to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He will be remembered forever.

Nova Runda - Brew Alone - Craft beer branding illustration

Brewing in Time of Quarantine

When brewery crew left for quarantine, they forgot one minor detail: Đuro. But dont worry… He brews, he cleans, he kicks some butt.

Nova Runda – El Tormenta – Craft beer branding design action figure mexican wrestler

Bomba de Fruta con Cinco Lupulos

Story about middle-aged Mexican wrestler on dawn of his career that sells rights for action figure production to a third grade Chinese toy producer.

Tvornica Piva Rijeka - Hartera - Craft beer branding design

Hartera = Paper Factory

Hommage to once big paper factory that exported its product all around world. Name is all that is left from that…and this lager.


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Tvornica Piva Rijeka - Z.MAJ - Craft beer branding design

Industry Inspired Craft Beer

Story that revolves around city of Rijeka’s rich industrial history. This one is about city’s biggest shipyard.

Nova Runda – Brewing Machines Grinder – Craft beer branding illustration

First of His Kind

After the third quarantine, brewing machines started to evolve thanks to the mutated wild yeasts forgotten in abandoned brewery.

Nova Runda - The Strangler - Craft beer branding illustration Creepy sour design

It is Not Rotten, It is Sour Beer

What does it looks like when an upper class pervert with bizzare taste wants to drink a beer? Well you can stay and ask this guy.

Nova Runda – Angry Moose – Craft beer branding illustration

Never Trust The Racoon

This is a story about beer geek moose whose tasting session beers were stolen by a racoon while he went to get a keg for a barbacue weekend.

Nova Runda – Čester – Craft beer branding illustration

Chestnut Addicted Squirrel

While exploring woods with his sidekick Cosmo, Čester stumbled on a glass of Chestnut Milk Stout and completly lost control.

Nova Runda – Žetva – Craft beer branding illustration

Reaper on Vacation

Once a year, he treats himself with “wet hop” – beer style whose characteristic is that it is brewed with fresh harvested hops.