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Craft beer illustration of East German car Trabant tuned up driving on hops

Eastern german american pilsner

Traditional German style made with American hops. We decided to present it through a mixture of East German and American culture.

Craft beer cans with angry moose illustrated military style

This is one really angry moose

He only briefly went to replenish his beer supply and the insidious raccoon took the opportunity and ravaged his last reserves.

Craft beer illustration of hop head ninja running and swinging katana

Only a ninja can kill a ninja

Dedicated to all the comics and movies that made us love ninjas. This is of course the hop version of the night warrior.

Croatian craft founders

Selection of the highest quality beers of the founders of Croatian craft scene. Learn more at TheWineAndMore.com

Beer bottle label with illustration of pantry

Abstellraum - Homebrew giveavay

#EveryBeerDeservesALabel – if you are homebrewer and want a free design for your non-commercial beer check this link

Birthday style illustration of muffin with lot of hops and number 7 candle

Birthday beer

The 7-year journey of the Nova Runda brewery from the gipsy brewery to its own plant was marked by this juicy neipa.

Beer bottle label naive art colorful ship and houses

Kirica - Homebrew giveavay

#EveryBeerDeservesALabel – if you are homebrewer and want a free design for your non-commercial beer check this link

Craft beer can design with hop, passion fruit and white guava stitched together

Collaboration of Croatian craft pioneers

Varionica, Nova Runda and Zmajska pivovara. The pioneers of the Croatian craft movement made their second collaboration by mixing hops, passion fruit and white guava.

A Bit of a Strange Name for a Beer

One strange lunch resulted in collaboration between two breweries and Calamari Afterparty DDH New England IPA was born.

Five sour beer cans with technical drawing style labels

La pelea puede esperar!

Incluso los mejores luchadores tienen uno de esos días. Aunque la resistencia no está al máximo debido a la bebida del día anterior, se puede obtener un impulso de energía relajándose en una cómoda silla de combate en la esquina del ring y reponiendo esos electrolitos.

Bolfan Winery – Harmony of Life

Is a fulfilling life the definition of harmony? To this day, practically every other person living in Zagorje grows their own vines. Check full article at TheWineAndMore.com

The Most Precious Cargo is on the Way

The Galactic Federation has declared a prohibition and borders are heavily controlled, so there’s no way booze can slip in and out. Or so they thought…

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Craft beer cans with stitching pattern

Great Balkan Collaboration

The result of the collaboration between the two breweries is this retro Balkan tapestry work.

Your Definitive Beer Styles guide

We all like to drink beer, but how much do we actually know about different styles of beer? Check full article at TheWineAndMore.com

Beer bottle label art deco retro style motorcycle

Kova Homebrew Giveaway

#EveryBeerDeservesALabel – if you are homebrewer and want a free design for your non-commercial beer check this link

For dogs, cats and others...

Njuškawac is an original, handmade product that preserves the physical and mental health of dogs and cats. Learn more here.

Old car illustration with beer kegs and suitcase falling

Let’s Try Some New Style of Illustration

While creating this beer can design with this fusion of retro motive and crispy vector type illustration, we wanted to catch the spirit of “good old times” but at the same time try to avoid pathetic nostalgia.

Craft beer cans with raspberries illustrated on label

We are not Soury

This easy-going refreshing sour continues story that started with Passion Fruit. More of them is yet to come.

Craft beer cans with spooky haunted mansion illustration

You’re Welcome to Enter the Hopyard Mansion

Revealed it is during the night, all you can do is hide from his sight. Tentacles its are widely spread, it is the mansion and it’s hop possessed.

Bottles of beer with mermaid illustration on label

Pustolovica Homebrew Giveaway

#EveryBeerDeservesALabel – if you are homebrewer and want a free design for your non-commercial beer check this link

Five sour beer cans with technical drawing style labels

Small Batch Series

We needed a design for various small batch projects that can be recognizable and fully informative. Something like a blueprint or technical drawing.

What Would it Look Like If 2020 Was a Beer?

‘As bad as it gets’ is the first thing that comes to mind when everyone thinks about 2020. Check full article at TheWineAndMore.com

Passion fruit illustrated on craft beer can label

Fruited Sour from Another Dimension

For this design, we wanted to keep it simple and that’s why we went with this juicy illustration of passion fruit as our main and only character that takes your taste buds in another dimension.

It is Not Rotten, it is Sour Beer

What does it look like when an upper-class pervert with bizarre taste wants to drink a beer? Well, you can stay and ask this guy.

Spreads of it and gaming equipment catalogue

Promoting phones,TVs, IT and gaming stuff etc.

Every page is uniquely designed so that it can convey the desired marketing message for the specific line of products.

Steampunk Illustration for Tech Conference

Web technology-oriented conference wanted to surprise its participants with special edition American IPA. Product is this steampunk themed design.

Various colorful craft beer cans

APA Single Hop Series

Best way to feel the difference between different sorts of hops is to create one beer and then change only that one thing. Result is American Pale Ale Single Hop Series.

Giveaway for homebrewers!!!


…and that’s why I’m launching this giveaway for homebrewers. As long as my time allows it, I’ll design / illustrate free labels for non-commercial homebrew projects, chosen amongst the applicants. Follow that button to learn more…

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Craft Beer for Mexican Wrestling Fans

El Tormenta Del Futur is a stage name of middle-aged Mexican wrestler on dawn of his career. Under pressure of debt and alimony, he sells rights for action figure production to a third-grade Chinese toy producer.

Craft beer cans with alan ford comic book style illustration

Homage to Alan Ford Comics

In this episode we are following story of a craft obsessed kleptomaniac seagull that spends his summer stealing beer on a beach.

10 Years of Untappd

There’s hardly a craft beer enthusiast out there who hasn’t heard of ‘Untappd’, a social discovery app for beer drinkers. Check full article at TheWineAndMore.com

Retro comic book cover style illustration with beer related superheroes

Inspired with Retro Comic Covers

At Last, find out!!! Can the combined powers of Brotherhood of Hops defeat the sinister spells of commercial breweries?

Grinding robot machine illustration comic book style

First of His Kind

After the third quarantine, brewing machines started to evolve thanks to the mutated wild yeasts forgotten in abandoned brewery.

West Coast Jungle Hoppy Blast

Jungle is one mean place to be. All kinds of dangerous nasty animals and gang wars are just around the corne… errr… tree? Anyway, be smart.

Beer cans with ampliflier electric guitar rock n roll style illustration

Can We Trigger a Temporary Overload of Hops?

We sure can! With this brewski, we went a step further with some additional hop quantities to achieve this blissful Hop Overload!

Illustrated explosion with flying hops

Explosive Craft Beer Can Illustration

Explosive potion of 4C hops (Citra, Cascade, Centennial & Chinook) is headliner of Croatian craft brewery – Nova Runda and so far, many will agree still the best Croatian beer.

Do You Know the Difference Between Ale and Lager?

Some craft brewers have done their best to educate consumers about the brave new world of beer. Check full article at TheWineAndMore.com

Craft beer can with explosion and flying hops illustrated on label

Redesign of the Legend

We wanted to keep the explosive feeling but in a new style that is lighter and more open than original.

Beardest Beer Festival in Zagreb

Third year in a row place with the most beer geeks in one place in Zagreb. Great food and music also on the tap. This is speed-art making of poster video.

Mockup of magazine full page ads for laptop and gaming equipment

Technology Magazine Ads

Design to promote gaming events, equipment, PCs, smartphones….aaaaand cats.

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How (Not) to Use a Wine Decanter

Do we really need a decanter for decanting? Technically, no. A decanter is a fancy name for a glass jug or a carafe. Check full article at TheWineAndMore.com

Beer bottles with Bud Spencer illustration on label

Bud Spencer Homebrew Giveaway

#EveryBeerDeservesALabel – if you are homebrewer and want a free design for your non-commercial beer check this link

Fantasy island beer and viking themed map

Created for Viking Themed Craft Beer Bar

This hand drawn and digitally coloured map is fully dedicated to beer world. It is fantasy style, Viking themed, and all the places and landmarks have beer related names.

Good Old R’n’R Spirit

Your mama don’t dance, but who’s stopping you? Buy the ticket, sneak out at night, you know you need some rock ‘n’ roll in your life.

Beer cans with hippie van and fruit falling illustration

Make us Some Juicy Summer Craft Beer Design

Take your crew, get in a van and let’s hit the road. This juicy summer beer is created with camps and festivals in mind.

Olive Oil and Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has been declared as a reference dietary model for some time by the World Health Organization. Check full article at TheWineAndMore.com

Beer cans with yeti snowman and penguin drinking beer illustration

We Want the Illustration of Beer Drinking Yeti!!!

In the first episode, Yeti and his sidekicks arrived at the tropical island for the vacation. Unfortunately, snowman had to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He will be remembered forever.

Illustration of yeti penguin and shark drinking beer at beach bar

What Happened Next with Yeti and the Gang?

Day two started in the Beach Bar. And we can assume that they will stay there for a while, as our heroes lost their ride in a series of unfortunate events.

Smartphone promo brochure mockup

Promo Brochure for Smartphone Brand

Brochure created for promotion of smartphones and NOA brand on a Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2019.

How to Taste Olive Oil?

Daily consumption of olive oil makes us olive oil fans, but not experts. Check full article at TheWineAndMore.com

Hedgehog themed illustration on beer label

HedgeHop Homebrew Giveaway

#EveryBeerDeservesALabel – if you are homebrewer and want a free design for your non-commercial beer check this link

Illustration with brewer and burglars stealing beer in the dark brewery

Designing Beer Can During the Quarantine

When brewery crew left for quarantine, they forgot one minor detail: Đuro. But don’t worry… He brews, he cleans, he kicks some butt.

There actually is a beer can appreciation day

We celebrate it on January 24 in remembrance of the day beer was first sold in cans (in 1935).

A Bit of a Strange Name for a Beer

One strange lunch resulted in collaboration between two breweries and Calamari Afterparty DDH New England IPA was born.

Hands typing code on yellow typewriting machine beer related

Geeky Design for Geeky Beer Geeks…Wait, What?

What you get when you involve a web conference, Twitter community and geeks at the brewery? The geekiest beer out there!! It’s time to replace a keyboard with a pint, and refresh yourself with the F5!

Industrial retro style graphic with glass of beer and factory

Hartera = Paper Factory

Homage to once big paper factory that exported its product all around world. Name is all that is left from that…and this lager.

Hands holding opened map of Belgrade mockup

Map of the Belgrade City Center

Created for the Belgrade City Guide tour magazine, the map promotes the main city sightseeing locations which can be visited in a day walking tour.

What is Ice Wine Anyway?

No, we are not talking about putting ice cubes into a glass of wine. These crazy winemakers deliberately leave healthy grapes to freeze on the vine. Check full article at TheWineAndMore.com

Soviet propaganda style craft beer graphic

Influenced by Soviet Propaganda

Brutislav is bastard child of Nova Runda and Piwne Podziemie, long waited Messiah. Not the one that we want or need, but the one we deserve.

5 Things About Croatian Wines

Croatian wines are one of the best-kept secrets among wine lovers. Wine production in Croatia goes way back to the 5th century BC. Check full article at TheWineAndMore.com

Letter X turns into butterflies symbolic change graphic

Branding of TEDx Zagreb

Volunteering for TEDx Zagreb is my way of returning the favor for countless hours of fun and educational content that I got from them for free.

Hand holding menu in a craft beer themed bar with bottles on the wall

Design for the Craft Beer Bar

Beer styles explained on the wall with a lot of information so you can learn something new while waiting for a friend.

Retro style beer promo graphic with man holding ship statue

Industry Inspired Craft Beer

Story that revolves around city of Rijeka’s rich industrial history. This one is about city’s biggest shipyard.

Story About Beginning of Croatian Craft

Zmajska Brewery is the first “genuine” Craft brewery in Croatia. It was founded by Andrej Čapka, a former web developer. Check full article at TheWineAndMore.com

Illustration of two squirells drinking chestnut beer in a forest

Chestnut Addicted Squirrel

While exploring woods with his sidekick Cosmo, Čester stumbled on a glass of Chestnut Milk Stout and completely lost control.

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